Thoughts on the final project

Thank you. I want to start by saying that I don’t think I’ve ever had a class that so completely covered a topic and structured things so well to make sure that we learned as much as possible.  It was outstanding and I can’t thank Jon Johnson enough for all the work he’s put into creating it and managing it while we all stumbled along … Continue reading Thoughts on the final project

Picture showing an Adirondack lake and the brook trout that are back

Acid Rain – An Update

While trying to figure out how to make the RSS thing work I stumbled upon “The Adirondack Almanack” (sic) and an interesting article reminding us that George H.W. Bush was instrumental in bringing the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act to fruition. A short summary of the Amendments from the EPA says that “in June 1989 President Bush proposed sweeping revisions to the Clean Air Act . . . designed to curb . . . acid rain, urban air pollution, and toxic air emissions”.  The bills were overwhelmingly passed in the House (401 – 21) and in the Senate (89 – 11).  My specific interest here lies in the terrible damage that acid rain has done to all living creatures in the Adirondacks.  The water becomes too acidic for the fish to live, the trees are killed, and it’s not good for people either.
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History of the 10th Mountain Division

A short post this time.  I’ve always been partial to the 10th Mountain Division as it ties my “two homes”, Colorado and Upstate New York together.


The history begins in Colorado in 1939 when the president of the National Ski Patrol was concerned that the army was not prepared to fight in tough winter conditions.   He lobbied the war department to put in place the necessary training and in 1941 the first mountain unit was activated in Washington State.  In 1943 the 10th Mountain Division came into being at Camp Hale Colorado.  This link is a detailed history through the end of WWII.  Here’s a google search page with all kinds of information about the 10th Mountain Division most of it pertaining to WWII.  If you scroll down just a little bit, you’ll find a couple YouTube videos.  The one at 9:44 is interesting, thorough and not overly long. They had a great deal of success and many casualties in Italy and fought in circumstances that their unique training made possible.  Continue reading “History of the 10th Mountain Division”

Trump’s Troubles and Ours?

From the beginning of his presidency I haven’t trusted Donald Trump. He seems so detached from reality and megalomaniacal. And the way he seems so enamored of dictators. But now that the prosecutors have him in their sites, it’s a concern as to how he’ll react. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has admitted to paying for the silence of two women at the direction of … Continue reading Trump’s Troubles and Ours?