Eastern Girl Moves West

I was born and raised a Yankee in Upstate New York.  Not the part that most people seem to think of when you say “Upstate” (Buffalo), but the Eastern part near Vermont and getting up toward Quebec.  I used to tell people “near Quebec” when they asked, just to get them thinking of the correct part of the state, but it’s really about half-way between Manhattan and Montreal.  And “no”, I don’t have a New York City accent.

At this point I’ve lived about half my life back East, and half in Colorado where I am now.  I love it out here and will probably stay, but I have a lot of family back East and I try to split my time as much as I can.  I always say that if I had my way, “I’d spend the winters in Colorado and the summers in Lake George”.  My love of the Adirondacks is what motivates the part of this blog with that focus.

The rest is motivated by my love of science and technology and learning and dispelling of ignorance.  And fear of the tyranny that is always just around the corner.  I hope you find something here of interest to enjoy.